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img_nap-thumb_nano-award   09/12/2008

CERATIZIT receives ’Austrian Nano Award’

The winners of the first ‘Austrian Nano Award’ have been determined. At the end of November, Secretary of State, Christa Kranzl, from the Federal Ministry for traffic, innovation and technology (BMVIT) awarded seven researchers a prize for their excellent success in research and achievements in the field of nanosciences (...)


img_nap-thumb_hilti   03/12/2008

CERATIZIT produces carbide bits for HILTI drills

HILTI, the CERATIZIT key-account customer in the field of stone working is based in the Principality of Liechtenstein. HILTI has been buying all carbide bits (...)


img_nap-thumb_mss   20/11/2008

Saves precious time - new blade system for parting and grooving

MSS-SX, the latest parting and grooving system from CERATIZIT provides users with a much simplified operating procedure that ensures precise insert location and expedites the setting process (...)


img_nap-thumb_zrinski   18/11/2008

ZRINSKI Tehnologija machines with CERATIZIT

CERATIZIT customer ZRINSKI Tehnologija in Northern Croatia has already filled half of its new hall with CNC machines. Marijan Cepanec, production manager for turning, explains: “We still have a lot of plans. (...)


img_nap-thumb_titanzerspanung   03/11/2008

Towards the future of titanium machining with carbide specialist CERATIZIT

Once again carbide expert CERATIZIT acts as a supplier of solutions in an innovative segment, namely titanium machining. Today CERATIZIT - with the new carbide grade CTC5240 - already accepts the challenges of the future (...)


img_nap-thumb_outukump   08/10/2008

Building bridges in the world with CERATIZIT

Stainless steel is a material which is difficult to machine. It is characterized by low thermal conductivity and a relatively high tendency to cold hardening; it is tough and tends to adhesion. (...)


img_nap-thumb_metaldyne   22/09/2008

CERATIZIT customer report at subcontractor Metaldyne in India

“Metaldyne believes in the strength of people and ideas”, Tim Leuliette, chairman of the Metaldyne Board describes the mainspring that drives the company. (...)


img_nap-thumb_scana   11/06/2008

Motor shafts on the high seas

No matter whether it is a tanker or a luxury cruise liner, a motor yacht or a passenger ferry - all these vessels have one thing in common: shafts transmit the force from the engine to the propeller. The production of such shafts is a speciality of the Scana company in Sweden (...)


img_nap-thumb_maxicool   14/05/2008

Machining of aluminium wheels now without coolant

One of the special fields of the carbide expert CERATIZIT is aluminium wheel machining. The recently developed MAC system now allows the complete dry machining of wheels without refitting machines. (...)


img_nap-thumb_white-paper   29/02/2008

New machining aspects for up-to-date designed materials

The increase in productivity regarding metal machining is one of the main efforts in industries dealing with automotive components and air & space applications. This productivity (...)


img_nap-thumb_aerodyn   28/02/2008

Full speed ahead with cutting inserts from CERATIZIT!

The Swedish company Aerodyn specialises in the machining of blades for propelling screws. The cast skin is eliminated and the profile finished through milling. (...)


img_nap-thumb_hpc12_1   08/02/2008

Unique milling concept with substantial potential for savings

With its segment strategy in the business unit end-users of the cutting tool division, the carbide expert CERATIZIT is particularly successful as the company counts on segment-specific and customer-specific (...)


img_nap-thumb_hfc   08/02/2008

CERATIZIT develops new high-feed face milling cutter

 CERATIZIT has developed a new tooling system for special face milling operations. The MaxiMill HFC (High Feed Cutting) system is synonymous with maximum feed and chip (...)


img_nap-thumb_audi   21/01/2008

Crankshaft machining with tailor-made inserts from CERATIZIT

AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in Györ, Hungary, has 5,500 employees. Here the engines for the brands of the Volkswagen group, Audi, VW, Skoda and Seat are (...)


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